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Exploration Work Program for Haunted Stream

Exploration Work Program for Haunted Stream

Work Program

The proposed work program is designed to allow for adequate data collection, compilation and integration toward developing an effective understanding of the economic gold mineralisation across the proposed Exploration Lease area (see EL006816 inset below). The nature of the exploration activities are low-impact exploration activities focussing around historical research, mapping, historical reporting compilation and 3D modelling.

Office-Based Activities

Structural Geology

We are experts in structural geology and mapping with a wide range of skills developed from modern geological systems to poly-deformed ancient terranes. Our service includes the development of conceptual models that provide new insights and understanding in both Greenfield and Brownfield exploration space.

Structural Geophysics

We are highly experienced in electrical and potential-field methods to produce detailed interpretations maps and models. PGN excel at interpreting potential-field data to produce maps/models with detailed and self-consistent kinematic, deformation and stratigraphic evolutions which are vital in exploration targeting and regional syntheses.