At PGN Geoscience, we have developed a systematic approach to resolving the validity of each geological model with careful restoration practises. By reconstructing the geological system, we can both validate the working hypothesis while exploring for currently ‘untested’ opportunities at the mine-scale to the regional-scale. Experts in poly deformed terranes, PGN Geoscience has a proven history of delivering measurable value to its Industry Partners with its different approach to conventional consulting 3D Modelling groups.
For undercover projects, PGN Geoscience is experienced in using electrical and potential-field methods to produce highly detailed 2D and 3D geological interpretation maps, sections and models. Our analyses can be highly integrated with a software platform that includes the use of Oasis Montaj, GM-SYS, Gocad and a number of GIS packages. As part of these interpretations ductile and brittle structures are identified, kinematic indicators and deformation histories are interpreted.  The interpretation is made consistent with available geological, petrophysical and geochemical datasets and ground-truthed as thoroughly as possible.  PGN Geoscience excels at potential field interpretation and we produce geophysically constrained maps that look like geological maps and that are consistent with the interpreted kinematics and deformation history over the whole area. Utilising these geological interpretations of geophysical datasets we, at PGN Geoscience, are able to provide constraints on the sub-surface structural architecture and assist with structurally controlled target generation.
Building on potential field data interpretation and/or field structural mapping, we are experts in 3D geological modelling/visualisation and data integration in 3D to assist with targeting and development of drilling programs. Model updates over the course of the drilling campaign can be provided to refine the drilling program. PGN Geoscience has a deep knowledge base and expertise in the use of cutting-edge 3D modelling programs (e.g. Gocad) to provide reliable geometrical solutions and assist in target generation. Inversion modelling We have the capability and expertise to produce highly detailed inversion models for magnetic and gravity data (including gradiometry) using a VPMG and Gocad software platform. Thanks to our expertise in 3D geological model building including property modelling (similar to resource modelling but applied to petrophysical properties and utilising our expertise in geostatistics), we are able to constrain the inversion models with geology and/or petrophysical reference models. On the other hand, we are also able to produce unconstrained inversions for data poor projects (green-fields) and will produce multiple models to assess the validity or the possible variability in acceptable models.  
At PGN Geoscience we use innovative and cutting-edge approaches in 3D modelling to test and improve existing models, and to construct new suites of models via the integration of structural geological mapping, geophysical interpretations and forward modelling. We utilise uncertainty analysis combined with our expertise in remobilised minerals systems to provide insights and critical thinking about current exploration models. We are leaders in new implicit modelling methods, conceptual thinking and analysis.
At PGN Geoscience, we provide: Geological audits for project generation; Area selection and prospectivity analysis at belt and prospect scales; Litho-structural mapping and structural core logging; Geophysical constrained geological mapping and critical thinking in 3D.