Dr Laurent Ailleres (Managing Director)

Laurent has PhD in Structural Geology and Geophysics, 20 years’ experience in Gocad 3D modelling, training and research. Laurent is one of very few 3D modellers capable of integrating geology, structure and geophysics. He is also expert in Vpmg potential field inversions. Laurent led the PGN Geoscience consulting team constrained inversion study of Olympic Dam to locate deep targets. Laurent introduced Gocad to the Australian minerals community over 17 years ago and has been responsible for training the best 3D modellers in Australia. He teaches geophysics and advanced 3D modelling including property modelling. Laurent heads up the merging of all 3D technologies and application to mining and oil problems for PGN's clients. He specialises in geological modelling, geochemical modelling (variography) and 3D geophysics (inversion).

Robin Armit (Director)

Robin has a PhD in the integration of structural geology, radiogenic isotopes, geochemistry and structural geophysics. He has expertise in the fields of tectonics, geochronology, geochemistry, structural geophysics and structural geology. He also has over 9 years’ experience consulting with exploration companies and state geological surveys. He is also the Business Development Manager and OHSE officer for PGN Geoscience. Robin has worked on large projects including syntheses of the Mount Isa terrane, the Tasmanides system in north Queensland and the Greater McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory. Robin has experience in interpretation mapping from potential-field data, structural mapping from field observations and drill core with recent projects in South America and the SW Pacific.  Robin has expertise in the intergration of regional and camp scale geochemical data with 3D architecture for litho-chemical mapping, area selection and exploration vectoring.  

Ian Neilson (Structural Geologist & Director)

Ian holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Structural Geology and Geophysics, with over 15 years’ extensive experience in Gocad and Leapfrog 3D Modelling, mapping and training in Exploration and Mining. Over this time, Ian has built a solid reputation for delivering real value to minerals projects and has been involved in numerous significant discoveries in a variety of geologic and metallogenic terranes across the globe. He has developed an extensive, unique and successful implementation strategy based on structural geology first principles utilising effective and proven Exploration techniques. His key skills include Structural Geology, Structural analysis on economic mineralisation controls within Gold, VMS, SEDEX, Copper and Nickel terranes; Transforming Exploration through innovative application of leading-edge technology and classical structural geology approaches; 3D Geological Modelling in Sedimentary, Volcanic & complex Metamorphic terranes, Geological Reconstructions, Research & Collaboration, Classical Structural Mapping & Interpretation, Potential Field Processing & Interpretation, Reporting & Presentation, Mentoring & Training. Ian previously worked for Jigsaw Geoscience and was Co-Founder and Director to Model Earth Structural Geology Group in Perth, WA. 

Jerram Adams (Geologist)

Jerram has a B.Sc. (Honours) in Structural Geology and Geophysics, and more than 5 years experience in continent to near-mine scale exploration of base and precious metals.  He has expertise in the fields of structural geology, geophysical processing and interpretation, and geochemical analysis.  Over the last few years Jerram has focussed on the exploration of VHMS, orogenic gold and porphyry Cu-Au systems across Australia, Asia and South America.  He is particularly interested in virtual and augmented reality, and their future applications for 3D geoscience.

Jackson van den Hove (Geologist)

Jackson has a PhD in the structural and geodynamic controls on monogenetic volcanic fields. He has gone on to gain experience in mapping and 3D modelling of structural geology in order to interpret tectonic and ore forming processes, working as the sole developer of the West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI) craton scale 3D model of the gold rich West African Craton. Jackson has worked on geological projects from camp to craton scale and in a diverse range of geological terranes including; Pleistocene volcanic fields, Poly-deformed Phanerozoic collision belts, and Paleoproterozoic granite- greenstone domains. He has field and teaching experience in the collection and interpretation of structural geology and potential field datasets and integrating geological datasets to produce 2D and 3D models, with extensive experience in Gocad 3D modelling and Vpmg potential field inversions.

Dr Peter Betts

Peter has a PhD in structural Geology and Geophysics, 15 years structure from geophysics mapping and training. He is a leading exponent of integrating structural geology and forward modelling. Pete has developed methods of merging potential field interpretation, forward models and structural interpretation to determine the 3D architecture of complex geological settings. PGN Geoscience is applying these methods to iron ore, nickel, and other base metal environments. These methods are underpinned by an advanced understanding of structural geology, geodynamics, and geophysical image filtering techniques. Peter led the PGN consulting team that built the Agnew – Wiluna belt 3D interpretation model for WMC (now the BHPB Nickel West Group). He specialises in Precambrian base metals and IOCG style mineralisation. Peter has recently provided crucial targets in the eastern goldfields of Western Australia through detailed geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data.


Mike Raetz

Mike has a MSC in mining and exploration geology from James Cook University, and over 30 years’ experience in exploration, mapping, GIS, project geology and management experience. Mike is experienced in all manner of project management, drilling, structural core logging, mapping and target generation. He specialises in Precambrian base metal exploration, gold and uranium.