Dr Laurent Ailleres (Managing Director)

Laurent has PhD in Structural Geology and Geophysics, 20 years’ experience in Gocad 3D modelling, training and research. Laurent is one of very few 3D modellers capable of integrating geology, structure and geophysics. He is also expert in Vpmg potential field inversions. Laurent led the PGN Geoscience consulting team constrained inversion study of Olympic Dam to locate deep targets. Laurent introduced Gocad to the Australian minerals community over 17 years ago and has been responsible for training the best 3D modellers in Australia. He teaches geophysics and advanced 3D modelling including property modelling. Laurent heads up the merging of all 3D technologies and application to mining and oil problems for PGN's clients. He specialises in geological modelling, geochemical modelling (variography) and 3D geophysics (inversion).