Dr Peter Betts

Peter has a PhD in structural Geology and Geophysics, 15 years structure from geophysics mapping and training. He is a leading exponent of integrating structural geology and forward modelling. Pete has developed methods of merging potential field interpretation, forward models and structural interpretation to determine the 3D architecture of complex geological settings. PGN Geoscience is applying these methods to iron ore, nickel, and other base metal environments. These methods are underpinned by an advanced understanding of structural geology, geodynamics, and geophysical image filtering techniques. Peter led the PGN consulting team that built the Agnew – Wiluna belt 3D interpretation model for WMC (now the BHPB Nickel West Group). He specialises in Precambrian base metals and IOCG style mineralisation. Peter has recently provided crucial targets in the eastern goldfields of Western Australia through detailed geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data.