Robin Armit (Director)

Robin has a PhD in the integration of structural geology, radiogenic isotopes, geochemistry and structural geophysics. He has expertise in the fields of tectonics, geochronology, geochemistry, structural geophysics and structural geology. He also has over 9 years’ experience consulting with exploration companies and state geological surveys. He is also the Business Development Manager and OHSE officer for PGN Geoscience. Robin has worked on large projects including syntheses of the Mount Isa terrane, the Tasmanides system in north Queensland and the Greater McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory. Robin has experience in interpretation mapping from potential-field data, structural mapping from field observations and drill core with recent projects in South America and the SW Pacific.  Robin has expertise in the intergration of regional and camp scale geochemical data with 3D architecture for litho-chemical mapping, area selection and exploration vectoring.